WITH 69 PER CENT BRIBERY RATES : India most corrupt country in Asia: Corruption Uncontrolled in Schooling, Education, States report

Nearly seven out of 10 persons in India had to pay a bribe to access public services.

So far as fighting corruption moves, things aren't looking well for India which was known as the most corrupt country in Asia-Pacific region. Almost seven out of ten people had to pay a bribe to obtain public services, said a Forbes report while assessing a study by Transparency International.

Transparency International, a Berlin established NGO working against corruption, spoke to nearly 22,000 people across 16 states in the Asia-Pacific to know the degree of corruption from the spot.

Shockingly, few times bribes were compulsory for accessing public instruction, and healthcare centers can be very full of India, the report shows. Around 58 percent and 59 percent bribery rates were seen in healthcare and education industries in India respectively. Occasions if people paid a bribe had been likewise seen to be nearly equally high for police, identification documents, and basic amenities, '' the report stated.

Noticeably, India was found to be more tainted compared to Viet Nam, Thailand, Pakistan and Myanmar at the report. Vietnam turned out to function as a second-most corrupt country with 65 percent bribery rates. Thailand revealed 41 per cent bribery rates where as Pakistan's 40 per cent bribery rates.

Individuals in India are hopeful, however, that the government is working in the right direction to curb corruption. Report by Transparency International showed that 51 percent Indians think that the federal government is doing well in keeping a check on corruption. This turns out to be a fig leaf to its Narendra Modi government that came into power on promises of controlling corruption.

On the other hand, around 72 percent denizens of all Thailand have faith in their government's anti-corruption initiatives. Meanwhile, only 45 per cent people in Pakistan believe that their government is beneficial in bringing down corruption. The question was not asked in China, the survey report stated.

The research also revealed how poor sections of the society are somewhat more influenced by the menace of corruption. 73 percent of this bribes paid in India originated from the low market groups, which had to invest money as a result of the unavailability of other possibilities, or less sway to prevent paying bribes. The overall trend of relating economical class to bribery rates remained disproportionate across the Asia-Pacific region, though.

The study showed that folks in India are speaking facing corruption now, based on the report, 63 per cent Indians felt most empowered to struggle against corruption.

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