'White Head' AkA Luiz Carlos da Rocha Brazilian Drug Lord Arrested After 30 Years Of Using Plastic Surgery To Evade Police

TTI: Da Rocha evaded authorities for nearly 30 years by using a fake name and getting plastic surgery

The boss of a heroin palace has finally been captured after spending 30 years using plastic surgery to avoid being apprehended by Brazilian authorities.

He has a reported personal fortune of $100m (Number77m) from dealing the drug that has ravaged parts of the continent.

Brazilian authorities say da Rocha was detained on Saturday from the city of Sorisso in Mato Grosso state.

Da Rocha had changed his name to Vitor Luiz de Moraes and had plastic surgery to alter his facial features, but police compared old photographs with his current appearance and concluded they had apprehended the correct person.

The operation to catch him - Operation Spectrum - saw 150 agents carry out two dozen raids, during which they seized $10million (#7.7million) worth of luxury cars, planes, and land including trucks.

Authorities say his organization Born cocaine in Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia, and exported it to Europe and the United States of America via Brazil and Paraguay.

They estimate that da Rocha brought in 5 tones of cocaine a month in Brazil alone.

Described by authorities as "a criminal that resided discreetly and in the shadows," da Rocha has a reputation for violence, together with his gang using firearms and armored cars.

Da Rocha faces over 50 years in prison for international drug trafficking and money laundering convictions.

Police aspire to capture the rest of his riches, a few of which is thought to be sitting in offshore bank accounts.

His right-hand man was also arrested.

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