What Are All the Elements in the Periodic Table Actually Used For?

We at The Typical Indian applaud Keith for his great work in helping us relate the importance of science to our everyday lives. Great job!

We in The Typical Indian never end to be intrigued and pleased by all areas of science. What may be more appealing than making sense of the way the world around us works? But sometimes it may be hard when you don’t understand what part they play in real life, to get to grips with certain ideas. Fortunately, someone has created a great new project to solve this dilemma.

There are 118 components within the table. Pretty much most people are knowledgeable about some of them. As an example, everybody knows that calcium is the stuff in bones and dairy, chlorine switches into pools, and helium makes balloons float. But besides sitting in a few scientist’s case, what’s the usage of, claim, molybdenum, antimony, or gallium?

Keith Enevoldsen has resolved questions like this. He’s created an interactive periodic table that displays the everyday applications of all of the elements that were known. Due to his task, we can now figure out that strontium can be a frequent aspect in flares and red fireworks. It’s also found in medical tracers and apparent batteries.

There’s also a PDF of the desk helping to make for your great training tool. If you need a brand new wall hanging, instead, you can buy it in poster type out of this online store.

Head over if you’re involved, to Keith’s site for your full online guide right now. Here’s a tiny sneak preview of it: