Virat Kohli Claims He Always Wanted To Be The Best In The World

"I always believed in my heart that if I work 120 per cent everyday in my life I am answerable to no one," Virat Kohli said

Using the aim of being the best on the planet, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli has said that he understood he would need to perform in most formats of the game to realise his dream.

"I always desired to be one of the top players on the planet for sure. Therefore I comprehended what it might take for me to keep my form in all three formats. It's very significant in the transition phase to be available in all three formats and take the country forward," Kohli said.

Kohli said although there were many doubters around him he always believed in his skills and also took a dig.

"All along in my career, there were many people who'd doubted the way I have gone about my match.

Kohli yesterday also became the first Indian cricketer to get the Polly Umrigar award for the next time.

Hailing his teammates for their support and contribution in helping India reach the pinnacle of Test cricket, Kohli said the last 12 months happen to be a breakthrough year in his career.

As cricketers, you always possess a breakthrough year for everyone. As the breakthrough year within my profession, likely I really could duration is beginning 2015 to the end of 2016. All of the hard work, every one of the training every one of the forfeits, on a daily basis, came. It could not happen to be possible without the help of the teammates throughout," he said.

"At times you don't do nicely, but when the champion players in your side step up, and everyone delivers, that is when you begin creating results.