The highest valued company ever would be worth $7,699,709,312,630.72 today

The Dutch East India Trading Company (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC). How much was it actually worth? Well you’ll have to read further to find out! Before hand here is a short list of some Dutch East India Trading Company Facts!

The Dutch East India Trading Company was the first publicly traded company on the worlds first stock exchange. It is also considered the first real multinational company to exist. Not too shabby! It started of as a “humble” spice trading company that would become the worlds biggest financial giant.

The Dutch East India Trading Company at one time controlled half of the worlds trade industry. At its peak the East India Trading Company they controlled trade in and out of 10 Asiatic countries !

In the Dutch East India Trading Company’s lifetime it created nearly a million trade related jobs. In contrast the rest of Europe… the whole rest of Europe… ” the rest of Europe combined sent only 882,412 people from 1500 to 1795.”

As many modern publicly traded companies do they also paid dividends. For just shy of 200 years the company paid and annual dividend ranging from 12%-63%. Not too shabby considering Microsoft’s current dividend is under 3%.

The Dutch Government didn’t actually own any shares and only had the slightest bit of control on their actions. Most of the shares were own by wealthy or aristocratic people.

Today Monopolies are looked down upon. But back in the day they seemed to be the name of the game… err.. Not well put sorry. Anyways they were given a royal charter allowing them to have a 20 year monopoly and special rights for any newly found territories to trade with. When their charter ran out they gave the government a healthy sum of money and renewed it.

The Dutch East India Trading Company wasn’t the brain child of one man. No, it was actually a whole band of spice traders who decided instead of competing and driving the prices of spice down they could band together and rig the game. They would find wealthy people to front the bill, via bonds, and then split the profit. For nearly two hundred years they made a killing!

Humans are simple creatures. We place value on things that really aren’t that important. For example during the middle of the 1600’s Tulip bulbs were brought to Europe from lands of the Ottoman Empire. They quickly became a status symbol and soon tulip bulbs were being traded for 4, 5, 6 times the annual salary of a normal working person. This incident has been named “Tulip Mania” and I’m sure you’ve heard about it sometime in your life. These bulbs were by in large brought by the Dutch East India Trading Company. This created the first “bubble market” that burst after a few years. The Dutch East India Trading Company weathered the storm with minimal losses.

At its peak the Dutch East India Trading Company had 40 ships outfitted for war with 10,000 soldiers on their payroll. This would help them defend shipments and stomp out any troubles they had in securing their goods in foreign lands. Along with its sister company they quelled rebellions and secure trade for nearly two hundred years!

You remember watching Scrooge Mcduck as a child right? He was the image of rich. Forbes estimated his net worth to be about $65.4 Billion. Not too shabby. Well that’s just one person you say! True enough the highest valued brand today is Apple worth $145.3 Billion. Thats some major Mula. But the Dutch East Indian Trading Company would be  roughly worth a magnificent


Yes your read that correctly. Adjusted for inflation it would be worth $7.6 Trillion dollars. Enough money to fill a lake with gold coins.

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