Sikh man uses turban to save puppy from drowning in canal

'The moment I started taking off my turban, people watching around were shocked'

A Sikh man continues to be praised after using his turban in order to save the life of  drowning dog.

28, Sarwan Singh, seen a crowd of onlookers looking at the creature that was afflicted as he was driving past an irrigation canal in India’s Punjab area.

Mr Singh used his sacred garments to lower himself and haul the dog out and decided to act.

“ I stopped my car and went over to check what was happening. I was shocked to see that there was a dog drowning but no was really helping.”

“The minute I started taking off my turban, people watching around were shocked. They thought I was disrespecting my faith,” he added, “but what was significant at that point was to save the animal’s life.”

The Sikh dastaar – as the headwear is known – is worn by Sikhs out of obedience and love to the wishes of the founders of their faith. The Sikh Coalition describes it as having “ temporal worth.” together with a tremendous spiritual

Punjab, where the video was filmed, is the birthplace of Sikhism.

“The dog was’t not uncomfortable. He was not coming to me. Before I was able to roll my turban around his neck and pull him to security.” we'd to follow him,

“He was frightened, and so I fed him some biscuits and let him go on his own.”

Others on social media praised his activities. “This is the authentic beliefs - being humanist,” said Sanjay Kapur.

“I am certain that no leader of the Sikh faith would decry what this noble soul Sarwan has done. Full credit to him, quite heart warming