Sexual Assault complaint filed against ScoopWhoop co-founder Suparn Pandey by Ex-Employee

FIR has been filed against ScoopWhoop co-founder Suparn Pandey

Mumbai Police registered a FIR against creator and CEO of The Viral Fever, Arunabh Kumar after some allegations on social media from several women complaining of sexual harassment. He came out and addressed the accusations made against him and said "I 'm a heterosexual, single man and once I find a girl sexy, I tell her she's hot. Girls are complimented by me. Is that incorrect?". The comment clearly didn't help his case, and he faced huge backlash for precisely the same.

Following the episode, there were conversations and various arguments on sexual harassment and work place ethics. Almost 15 days after, another similar incident has come to light.

A FIR was filed against ScoopWhoop co-founder Suparn Pandey as reported by Catch News accusing him of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Along with Suparn Pandey, other co-founders also have been identified though for trying to conceal it and abetting harassment.

A former senior executive of ScoopWhoop Media Pvt. Ltd filed the FIR at the Vasant Kunj (South) police Station, Delhi. The accused has been charged with section 354 A (sexual harassment), section 509 (insulting the modesty of a woman), and section 506 (criminal intimidation), reported Catch News.  

The Complainant has asserted that during her tenure at ScoopWhoop, which continued two years, she faced' inappropriate comments and lewd remarks' the entire time. Pandey even went to remark on her sexuality.

Her ordeal was not restricted to verbal harassment; the complainant has asserted that Pandey got 'uncomfortably close,' 'regularly trying to play along with her hair.' He unabashedly sent a lewd video on the official Gmail chat of the company's to her, the FIR alleges.

'Mr. Pandey got so daring as to send me a lewd video over the official Gmail chat, in which the words were "aapnu jeans dheeli karo"', reads the FIR.

ScoopWhoop's inaction

When the complainant, took up the matter with ScoopWhoop co-founder Sriparna Tikekar, she assured her that such behavior wouldn't be duplicated. Yet, apparently, she didn't take any action against Pandey.

The former senior executive did not stop after realizing that it had no repercussions for Pandey, raising the problem with all the business 's creators. She was instead publicly humiliated and was allegedly forced to work with Pandey in close quarters.

Suparn Pandey used to show up to work drunk and also would attempt to touch the complainant. After Pandey had crossed all limits, she decided to quit.

'Mr. Pandey approached me after the meeting, between 8-9:30 PM, when I was alone at my work desk and requested me to be less "competitive" in my relations with other individuals and learn to "pour some sugar on it." That after that, he kissed my forehead, then got up and walked away,' the complainant recounts in the FIR.

She was allegedly dissuaded from lodging an official complaint, and also the co-founders threatened to hurt her career and defame her freely. From ScoopWhoop, she resigned following a series of threats and complaints.

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