Running Shaadi has a strong message that love is equal for everyone irrespective of whether it is gay marriages or inter-caste

Running Shaadi movie review: Taapsee Pannu-Amit Sadh's film runs out of sense

Amit Sadh and Bollywood actors Taapsee Pannu may complement each other on-screen Shaadi Running but fail miserably as it pertains to engaging the audience. Director Amit Roy tries his best to investigate an original notion but certainly is not able to execute it correctly.

The website is created by Ram Bharose (played by Amit) and his buddy Cyber (played by Arsh Bajwa).

While the very first half of Running Shaadi manages to acquire some interest, sense is run out of by the second half.


Running Shaadi comes with an interesting storyline as it revolves around Ram Bharose (played by Amit) and Nimmi's (played by Tapsee) love story. Once Nimmi meets new friends in school the love between both, that are childhood sweethearts, begins to fade. Ram is irked by this, and he decides to get married to some stranger. A heartbroken Ram then attends a wedding together with his buddy, where the bride and her lover elope but gets caught. It's that moment when he strikes against. How Nimmi and Bharose get their love life back on track and how their Running Shaadi web site run is the crux of the storyline.


Taapsee's and Amit performances were commendable. While Arsh, who played the friend Cyber of Bharose, has performed well Taapsee has done a wonderful job with her emphasis. Cinematography and the songs were amazing. Additionally Running Shaadi has a strong message that love is identical for everyone irrespective of whether it is inter or gay marriages -caste weddings.


The second half of the movie is likely to force you to desire to sleep or leave the theatre. Following the period, the movie focuses on Bharose's love story, and Nimmi and also the reality that there is nothing new to the storyline bores one to death. Additionally, after a while, Running Shaadi gets fairly predictable.


Overall, the film is for staunch lovers of Taapsee and Amit. The speed of Running Shaadi is a little slow, and it crawls following the time. On the other hand, the climax just isn't what you'll anticipate.