My Story : A girl's life in IIT 's

So we're speaking about IIT Delhi, one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in India,

So we're speaking about IIT Delhi, one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in India, supposedly a dwelling to the brightest and cleverest heads of the united states! When you read 'the brightest and smartest', I am certain the image that flashed in your head was of a bunch of nerdish guys rattling their brains over some unsolvable problem. How a number of you pictured a girl doing that? Very few indeed! So this really is how a girl's life begins in IITD, being crammed with boys about 10 times in amount or maybe more.

I'm the lone girl in my own batch and a Mechanical Engineering student at IIT Delhi, so basically, I am the extremity of inferior sex ratios in IITs. Frankly, 70% of my time here, I never believed that was a poor thing. I made a couple of excellent friends, people I will count on. We have an incredible time during courses, labs and workshops. It is universally accepted that guys are more entertaining, lesser drama and yeah, a little simple going on studies! When they walk to their hostel the remainder 30% of the time comes and that I do not. In a single room, when I have to study alone, all my classmates analyze during tests. They walk to the next door when I need to walk a mile to take notes or duties. After I do all my assignments alone without help any discussion or the intermediate fun, they do all that stuff. But I guess, I have taken this in my pace. It has made me much more independent and trustworthy. This is a fact so I have began loving it, that I can not transform.

Dwelling with individuals is quite different from studying together. You share a space, study tables, seats, beds, tube lights, windows and every thing that is little. Someone likes the lights. Someone enjoys the room cleaned while someone doesn't mind the dirt for a month. As well as the bed placement can unacceptable to any or all roommates together. That's where space gets created for argument. Disagreements do occur, but then comes the comprehension part, respecting the differences is what we learn slowly.

Somehow, these become the girls you share your life stories with, the girls on whose shoulders you shout, the ones you crack nerdy and filthy jokes with, the ones you take your frustration out on after a bad day, with whom you discuss your preferred men with, from whom you shoot films or TV shows. All these will be the people who will wake you for course, eat along with you, share information of daily use, shout on you, tease you. These would be those you have music and dance practices with, go out to play with, the ones it is possible to sing horribly with. They really get to see you at every point of the day, your best, your worst. And yeah, they don't judge you on how you look, how nicely you discuss or dress up. They live throughout your stay here at IITD and so do you for them.

Going concerning the comparison with boys' hostels, among the craziest parts I find here is that there is no culture of LAN gambling, poker or items similar to this. Instead, all birthday parties are lined up with dancing for hours. Some get more outrageous when we start conquering the birthday girls as well as their roommates (just like in the boys' hostels)! What keeps us wake up in odd hours is mainly pictures and at times dress up parties. Girls confide a lot in each truly, every small thing and other minute details about friends, family, relationships is well known to your group of close friends. I suppose it is a well known fact that we study a LOT more than lads here, but quite unexpectedly, we always flunk our last examination together just for the fun of it by having pizza parties, reading a novel or seeing films. Overall, there occurs all the things that girls are negatively understood for, noticing each other's clothing, footwear, makeup, some conversation a lot, some are rather mental. But as long as we understand we are a lot a lot more than merely that, I consider there's no point in hiding who we really are. Not everyone fits in the above description, but whoever does has nothing to conceal. We discuss a bond, a peculiar one, I haven't found out if it's a name, but it does finish all of us!

I have roamed on the line of thought plenty of times about how great it could have been to have only as many girls in my class as lads. But for what I haven't experienced, I can't criticize the present. Summing up, I don't desire to remark on the sex ratios of IITs, it is what it is. All of us here have found our location. Some healthy in, some stand out. This spot was our destiny and each of us is living it at his own pace!