India's InterBot is the world’s first bot-to-bot talk platform: here’s how it could alter the way we utilize the internet

A US-based messaging communication company called, Gupshup has launched the release of InterBot

A US-based messaging communicating business Gupshup has established the launch of InterBot. The InterBot is a communication platform where bots create, can share and talk to every other. The platform empowers them to coordinate, to transact, compete, collaborate and negotiate with each other. InterBot is hailed as first such platform is ’sed by the world. Communications that are interbeat empower different kinds of bots, for example shopping bots to negociate with retailer bots to get the best prices. From e-commerce to offline transactions, this application can change how things work online. Your bot can reserve a consultation by speaking to your doctor’s bot. A journey bot can book packages by combining the services of flight and resort bots. A cab bot can ask the cafe bot to possess the coffee ready from the time the user’s taxi arrives. The top part is that bots will simultaneously chat with hundred more folks and have no limits. While a majority of the focus of the bot boom has been bots that talk to humans, interest has exploded in bots that speak to bots.

Gaming bots and dealer bots can play strategy games. Translate bots can unite with e-commerce bot to enable multi-lingual transactions. Personal assistant bots can schedule meetings for humans. Bots can form hierarchies and groups to enhance decision making inside the enterprise. “InterBot unleashes never-ending chances that lead to more intelligent bots and systems. InterBot empowers bots to do collective action radically amplifying individual bot abilities as the human civilisation exploits the collective power of individual individuals. InterBot signifies one little step one giant step for ‘botkind’, for the bot, ” Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup, said in a statement. Gupshup started in India in 2004 as an SMS network.

To use InterBot, bots will need to publish themselves on this new channel. These bots learn from each other and can trade services.

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