India vs Australia 2017: Wriddhiman Saha rates his Pune catch-as a one that is tougher

Saha took two spectacular catches in both the Tests against Australia.

What the story?

In the two recent Test matches between Australia and India, Wriddhiman Saha proved to be critical after showing his Superman abilities of wicket-keeping. On rating the two breathtaking catches he chose in the Tests, Saha said the Pune catch was a rougher one when in comparison to the Bangalore one.

“The Pune grab was rougher than the one in Bengaluru. The reaction time was less in the primary one, and it was a fast bowler (Umesh Yadav). One of the catches, the one I took O’Keefe in Pune off gave a great deal of satisfaction to me,” Saha stated who has now replaced MS Dhoni.

In the event, you didn’t know...

As Saha pouched the wicket of Mathew Wade in Bangalore by diving the incredible show of skills continued even in the second Test.

Saha acknowledged it is hard to accommodate oneself to stand from the likes of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja on turning paths. But according to the former Indian wicketkeeper Deep Dasgupta, Saha showed the importance of wicket-keeping. He likewise said that Saha would change the face of wicket-keeping in his coming matches.

Despite playing with him, Saha believes that playing in the Tests against him would be a terrific expertise and also a treat.


The penultimate Test between India and Australia will soon be played from March 16th to 20th after which the two sides will travel to Dharamsala for the last Test in Ranchi.

The Conventional Indian take

The Bengal player may be seen as an extremely promising wicketkeeper and by being dubbed as “Superman”, there is going to be a belief of preserving the great work. Comparison and the compliments will prove to boost his confidence further in the remainder of the series.