India Versus Australia: Five Large Controversies That Rocked The Series

Gavaskar was also unhappy with the International Cricket Council (ICC) for not taking any action against Smith after the 'brain fade' issue.

The on-going India-Australia series has seen it all, from sensational batting and bowling as the series went to the other from one match, to some important controversies that actually spiced up matters. We take stock of the five enormous controversies that cropped up, as the two sides faced off with Australia counterpart Steve Smith and Indian skipper Virat Kohli taking lead in matters.

'Brain fade': While the banter and sledging are part and parcel of any string with Australia, the first actual spark came in the Bengaluru Test when Smith, with his side looking at defeat, attempted to get tips in the dressing room on whether he should go for DRS or not.

Virat Kohli pounced on this and after a verbal send off on the field, taken it to the post-match press conference when he stopped just short of calling Smith the problem and also a cheat kept festering even though both cricket boards tried to move ahead.

Kohli Injury: The following episode was when Virat Kohli was injured while fielding during the 3rd Test in Ranchi. The injury was bad enough but what made it worse was Glenn Maxwell mocking the harm after he fell almost precisely in exactly the same area.

Kohli too used the same movements to mock the Australians, never to be outdone and the battle lines were drawn once again.

Kohli compared to Donald Trump: The next explosion came when Kohli was compared by an Australian journalist to US President Donald Trump.

"Virat Kohli has become the Donald Trump of world sport. The same as President Trump, Kohli decided to blame the media as a way of trying to conceal the egg smeared right across his face," the Daily Telegraph said.

The post and reporter were trolled from all corners, including by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan to cricket star Yuvraj Singh.

Gavaskar's take on media that is Australian: Sunil Gavaskar was contemptuous of the way in which they approached the issues, visiting the degree of calling them an extension of the support staff of the Australian team as well as the Australian media.

"We should not bother too much about the Australian media and what they write as they are an expansion of their cricket team's support staff. The focus now should shift to cricket from off-the-field dilemmas," Gavaskar had told NDTV to the eve of the Ranchi Test.

Gavaskar was also unhappy with all the International Cricket Council (ICC) for not taking any action against Smith after the 'brain fade' dilemma.

Smith abusing Murali Vijay: The latest fireworks of the series were set alight when cameras caught Smith allegedly calling India opener Murali Vijay a 'fucking cheat' after the Indian had claimed a catch off Australian batsman Josh Hazlewood.

On- field umpire Ian Gould gave out Hazlewood but appeared to signal that the ball had hit on the earth before reaching Vijay's hands, and the decision was reversed.

Camera footage of the Australian dressing room afterwards showed Smith let off an expletive- supposedly aimed at Vijay.

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