Fresh Wiki Leaks docs show how the CIA hacks MacBooks and Iphones

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

For decades, the CIA is developing tools for hacking into Apple products — and thanks to WikiLeaks, those tools are at present public. The group published a brand new set of documents dubbed "Dark Matter” part of the continuing Vault 7 publication on CIA hacking tools, “Dark Matter now. I's records focus particularly on Apple products, detailing the CIA’s procedures for breaking into iPhones and MacBooks now.

One tool, called “Sonic Screwdriver,” was used to infect MacBooks through a Thunderbolt or USB port, when the CIA has physical access to some device presumably deployed. Other implants install themselves in the computer’s firmware interface, making them undetectable through forensic techniques that are conventional.

The bureau appears to have had a harder time with all the early versions of the iPhone. Just one of the tools targets the mobile, a so-called “beacon” tool designed to be set up on an intercepted cellphone before purchase.

Given how old the bugs are, it’s unlikely although it’s likely the CIA has developed similar capabilities to target today’s MacBooks any of these would work against contemporary Apple products. For patching WikiLeaks has vowed to divulge all of the Vault 7 susceptibility to the important companies, but the group has been slow to fulfill that promise, apparently demanding a series of conditions prior to the bugs can be disclosed.

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