Elon Musk States His Reusable Rockets May Make Space Access 100-Times More Affordable

Elon Musk States His Reusable Rockets May Make Space Access 100-Times More Affordable


On March 30, land and SpaceX managed to launch a formerly used Falcon 9 rocket for the very first time. The company has long asserted that its Falcon 9 would prove to function as world’s first fully reusable orbital rocket and that such rockets will be a game-changer in space exploration. After last week’s success, those predictions are starting to come true.

Before reusable rockets, space flight missions relied on rockets constructed for single use. These “disposable rockets,” so to speak, were used in NASA’s space shuttle missions, but they were costly — for every assignment, a brand new rocket had to be made.

Now, SpaceX ’s price-economy rockets are poised to usher in a new, cheaper age of space exploration. “At this point, I’m exceptionally assured that it’s potential to accomplish at least 100-fold reduction in the price of space access,” SpaceX’s founder and CEO Elon Musk said following the historic SES 10 mission last week.

When it comes to space missions, SpaceX has demonstrated its mettle. On its website, the private space company has logged more than 70 flights in its manifest. Included in these are numerous missions funded by NASA, like SpaceX’s 10 provide runs to the International Space Station (ISS).

SpaceX’s 2012 mission to the ISS indicated the first time a personal spacecraft docked on the space station, and the latest of its supply missions only took place on February 19. SpaceX has also finished numerous touchdown tests using its Falcon 9 rockets, too as missions that launched private satellites into orbit.

Now, for SpaceX, things are moving forward together with the Falcon 9’s reusability confirmed. According to “Quick Musk and total reusability of rockets is the best technique for becoming a space-faring and opening space up culture.”

The Falcon 9 is strong and huge enough to reach orbital rates, and it’s tough enough to survive re-entry. It’s also now the only reusable orbital rocket accessible. The more of those game-changing rockets we have available, the better the future looks for humankind’s exploration of Mars and other off-world wonders.

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