Could it be a toast to friendship? Trollers ask Priyadarshan after Mohanlal, Akshay kumar Wins Best Actor Award

Did Priyadarshan unfairly reward his buddies this year? trollers inquire.

The 64th National Film Awards were announced on Friday to honor the best of Indian performances in 2016. While social media was flooded with congratulatory messages for each of the winners, there was an air of shock and surprise when some the awards were announced.

Akshay's win was much celebrated, and social media went calling him the most worthy performer. The announcement of the special jury award for Mohanlal made his day all the more special. It was another feather in the cap for the actor basking in the success of back to back successes.

However, as always, there were disappointments as well. Out of the many Priyadarshan films, Mohanlal is his number one choice, and Akshay Kumar has done most of Priyan's Bollywood movies. And this can be no secret. While many said the awards were given by the jury chairman, Priyadarshan others opined that Vinayakan and Aamir Khan were the more deserving ones. Priyadarshan even said it was a close race between Mohanlal and Akshay. And trolls surfaced online in no time. Check out a couple of hilarious replies:

Well, in 2005 Saif Ali Khan got the best actor award because of his performance in the film, Hum Tum, many attributed that Saif's mom Sharmila Tagore, who headed the Censor Board of India then, determined the conclusion of the National Film Awards jury.

Did Priyadarshan unfairly reward his buddies this year? Trollers inquire.

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