“I am afraid that if the trend continues then by 2020, 93.26% of this once garden city will be covered by concrete structures. The city will be dead by then,” Dr Ramachandra said.

From 2020, India's IT funding will soon be an unlivable sea of glass and concrete with barely any trees, a casualty of this unplanned urbanization that will lower its greenery to hardly 6.46% from the 63 per cent green cover that it enjoyed at 1973.

As per a startling study conducted by IISC scientist, doctor TV Ramachandra and his colleague Dr. Bharath H Aithal, Bengaluru in the space of 34 years has seen a jump of 1005 percent in the real field or paved surface. Doctor Ramachandra says that if uncontrolled urbanization continues unchecked, the city would be left handed by 2020.

"I am afraid when the trend continues then by 2020, 93.26% of the once garden city will be included in concrete structures. The town will likely be dead after that," doctor Ramachandra explained.

The city, already facing scarcity of water, is enormously dependent on ground water, for example, a study, is receding at a quick pace. The water table has dropped to 300 m from 28 m, and 400 m to 500 m in an extremely urbanized area such as Whitefield.

While speaking to DC, Dr. Ramachandra further said that there had become an increment of 10 percent at the consumption of power by high rise glass buildings and with the usage of electricity the emission of anthropogenic greenhouse gases increases.

On being inquired the effect of the urbanization on the city's climate, he explained that the unusual rainfall the town had last week could be the result of the infrastructure that was immortal.

There is no policy maker in the town who feels about such issues," the scientist stated.

A rise of 2-2.5 degree Celsius at the temperature of this city highlights the disastrous effect of the urban growth that has been done sidelining the exact aim of the federal government to own sustainable growth.

The field investigation of 105 lakes conducted by the scientists during 2015 to 2016 show that 98% of the lakes have encroached for apartments, commercial construction, slums and 90% of their lakes across the town are sewers fed.

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