A revolutionary bill passed in India Tuesday, making it illegal to discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDs

This new law makes that kind of discrimination illegal.

A revolutionary bill passed which it makes illegal to discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDs, CNN reports.

The HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill makes it illegal to discriminate against individuals living with the virus in the workplace, to deny entry to education, home, and health care, and to deny them the right to run for or hold public or private office. It also makes it illegal to refuse individuals with HIV entry into businesses or alternative attractions open to the general public, based on CNN.

India is the biggest state to pass a bill of this sort, which will no doubt make life a little simpler for the more than 2 million individuals in India living with HIV.

The new law does not mean that all discrimination will abruptly stop, but does take a step forward in stopping HIV stigma in the state.

Unlike living with cancer and most other illnesses, living with HIV/AIDs remains seen as shameful. The stigma that comes along with sexually transmitted infections is not just unfounded; it's damaging to both the physical and mental health.

About one out of every eight individuals living with HIV/AIDs is refused health services that were significant as a result of stigma according to AVERT.

This new law makes that type of discrimination illegal.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, HIV and AIDs are protected under the American Disability Act, rendering it illegal to refuse anyone using a handicap a job and housing among other things.

And in the event you're a person living with HIV/AIDs and have faced discrimination because of your status, you can file a charge with your local Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Office.

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