6 Year Old Girl From Bihar Offers Her Piggybank As Bribe To Authorities, Says Find My Mother's Killers

IG Ram Kumar promised help and action.

Manvi sticks apart among those present in the office of Meerut's inspector general (IG) of police, Ram Kumar. She's just six and clasps a clay piggybank using her tiny hands.

The lady had gone to the top cop's office with her maternal grandfather, Shanti Swaroop, to "offer a bribe" later policemen supposedly needed money to do something contrary to those responsible for the death.

"We have her (Seema) wed into Sanjiv Kumar about seven decades ago, and soon he and his loved ones started harassing her mentally and physically for dowry," Swaroop stated. However, his own family along with Sanjiv kept harassing her and enrolled two false cases. Completely fed up with the emotional harassment, Seema ended her life."

After the incident, Swaroop lodged a FIR against Sanjiv, both brothers, and father. Sanjiv was arrested by the authorities, and also he had been put behind bars, but another accused are still free. "After, when Seema was living, we moved to the police station to file a complaint against the atrocities, but the cop found there indicated Seema hang herself instead of coming back to them," alleged Swaroop.

Also, he said that the police were asking for cash to make your final report and also arrest for that the other accused. "The investigating officer claims that nothing happens with money and is demanding Rs50,000 from me," he alleged. "That is the reason why we decided to take such a measure to allow the senior officers know about the functioning of law enforcement ."


IG Ram Kumar guaranteed help and action.

Seema's brother Rohit told Mail Today that six months after his servant and also Sanjiv tied the knot, the accused got a house on rent and started living there with his wife and off from his loved ones. "Following a few months, Sanjiv's landlord called me and stated that Sanjiv had locked Seema inside for the last day or two and had gone lost. We went there and also saved Seema and ever since then she was alive with us," Rohit said.

A few months after, Seema's in-laws enrolled two authorities cases against her loved ones. "One instance was of vandalism and theft in which they claimed that we decamped with all the valuables and cash from their home.

The other one has been of effort to murder. However, we moved to court as these were shown to be fictitious, and the court quashed the cases. Since then, these were harassing my sister emotionally," Rohit added.

One day, Shanti Swaroop came home after meeting the investigating officer and also told his family that the cop was asking for a bribe. "Unexpectedly, Manvi walked with her piggy bank and asked us to take her income and provide it to the cops. She was willing to part with it when her mother got justice" On the way back after meeting the IG, the piggy bank of Manvi broke and fell. "She started weeping, and then I bought her another one, instructing her to gather and conserve money," Rohit said.