50,000 Soldiers Are Training At Indo-Pak Border In The Largest Exercise Of The Indian Army

The Indian Army is a source of pride for all of us. Be it in the frosty Siachen or the hilly terrain of Arunachal, the men in olive green are protecting us while we relax in our cosy home.

They are busy conducting a larger than usual collective exercise in Rajasthan region close to the India-Pakistan border.

The focus is on ensuring a high degree of physical fitness, tactical drills, techniques and building military capabilities to counter the evolving threats.

Special about this drill?

– This is the country’s largest ever military exercise.

– Apart from testing its warheads, heavy artillery and drone planes in real war-like situation, it will also be testing how fit and prepared our Army is.

– The military exercise, named ‘Baaz Gati’ will have 50,000 army men taking part.

– This is the first time this big an exercise is happening in India.

– Brahmos missile will be on trial for the first time ever.

– 21 Strike Corps from Bhopal and Jodhpur is a part of this millitary drill.


why is this important?

– Because, Pakistan and China have done such exercises since 2011 on the borders.

– Also because so many troops will take part in the military exercise together.

– And as per as the protocol exchanged with Pakistan, they have been notified and given details.

How is this happening?

– Bhopal-based 21 Corps, one of three main ‘strike corps’ is practicing how to enter enemy territory.

– The Jodhpur Desert Corps are testing their defense skills.

– The whole military exercise is network-centric and being operated from war room and mobile.

– The army satellites, real-time intelligence, radar and drones are being tested which can be used to attack enemy territory.

The difficulties they are facing.

The difficulties they are facing.

– Modernisation was a major problem, but they somehow overcame it.

– Managing tanks, helicopters, weapons and arms together is not an easy task.