8 Reasons Not to Buy the Freedom 251 Smartphone

If you are thinking to purchase the Freedom 251 smartphone, here are some reasons why you should just hold on your plans. Just take a look at the reason why you shouldn't buy Freedom251 . Take a look!

1. iPhone - Copyright Violation

iPhone - Copyright Violation techbuzz

This Freedom 251 is usually a obvious copycat from the Iphone. This is a copyright violation which Ringing Bells is totally infringing when using the application images enhanced from the iOS. Without a doubt, this Freedom 251 smart phone has got the identical round Touch ID in the bottom from the smart phone like the i phone 6 or 6s. Other sorts of attributes which have been merely copied from the Iphone are usually the following:

Dialer app


Calculator & Clock

Messages application


2. Freedom 251 is a Rip-Off

Freedom 251 is a Rip-Off techbuzz

Freedom 251 is a rip-off of the already existing Adcom Ikon 4 smartphone that's selling on a different e-commerce website in India. A variant of this handset is already listed on various e-commerce websites including Amazon, Snapdeal and Shopclues for Rs. 4,000 nearly.It is really ridiculous that the company even went forward with the launch event without actually manufacturing the handsets. 

3. 'Make in India' Smartphone from China

 'Make in India' Smartphone from China techbuzz

Ringing Bells claimed on its website that the Freedom 251 smartphone is a part of Make in India campaign. As mentioned before, the Freedom 251 smartphone is a Rebranded Adcom Ikon 4 smartphone. In fact, Adcom is an Indian Smartphone merchant, who imports devices from China and market it in India, as many firms like Micromax and Karbonn does. Since we have confirmed that Freedom 251 smartphone is indeed a rebranded version of the Adcom Ikon 4 smartphone.

4. It is not Government sponsored product

It is not Government sponsored product techbuzz

The report that was able to collect from the company officials during the launch states that it isn't a government subsidized product. The President of Ringing Bells, Ashok Chadha has clarified that there is no subsidy provided by the government for the Freedom 251 smartphone. When asked how you are going to accomplish this act of launching a product at Rs 251, he responded as that the company has split down expenses, most of which bears moving on the 13.8% tax protection for marketing a Make in India product to a customer.

5. Website is not Secure

Website is not Secure techbuzz

The freedom251.com is not a HTTPs website, which can set users information on peril. The company had to pause bookings after its servers were overloaded due to massive traffic. But, the company touted that it booked just 30,000 units before the website crashed.

6. Is it a scam?

Is it a scam? techbuzz

We all have been stung by the experience of the ultra low-cost Aakash tablet. DataWind had failed to timely deliver the Aakash Tablet, and couldn't cope up with the bulky demand nationwide. It anyhow cautions us of the same experience, and possibly the pricing has been kept low to just promote branding of the company and the following delay of the shipments for months indicating massive orders or demands In fact, the Indian Cellular Association has said the minimum price for 3G phone is Rs 2,700 and that it is the improbable to offer the phone at Rs 251. The industry organization says the company claims are not supportable.

7. Proper logistics is a question mark

Proper logistics is a question mark techbuzz

Popular e-commerce firms like Flipkart and Amazon are yet to trace out a powerful means of getting their logistics in a position to deliver goods in an effective manner. Ringing Bell has just one sub-website which has crashed many times after proposals to ship 5 lakh units a month with an extra Rs. 40 in the name of delivery charges. Currently, you can only book the smartphone online and the date of delivery is 4 months away, i.e., probably by the month of June. That's a lot of time for the company to keep your money and move it around in the market and make profits or just run out.

Usually, people assume that it's just a matter of Rs. 251 and not many people will persevere the company if they do not deliver. The amount might be nothing for most of the people but, after summing up the price advanced by the people of the entire nation, it would be a massive value which seems to be the ultimate goal of the company.

8. No BIS Certifications

 No BIS Certifications techbuzz

As of last year, firms launching products in the India need to register for BIS certification ahead of launching any product in the country.The Bureau of Indian Standards has made obligatory for smartphone manufacturing companies in India or external to launch a product must go through BIS certification procedure if it needs to be sold in the country.