This Is How You Should Approach Women On Tinder, Explained By Girls.

In this video uploaded by Sortedd, a bunch of women dwell into this realm and present to you an honest guide on how to woo girls over Tinder – how to behave, what interests them and what things are a strict no-no!

So, a random guy texts me over Facebook. Here’s how the conversation goes:

Guy: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna fraandship?
Me: *Ignored*
Guy: Hey……….!!!!! Why u nt replying?
Me: *Ignored*
Guy: plz reply…………..
Me: *blocks him*

Girls, I know you have been in a similar situation too. As if overexcited ”Wanna Fraandship?” requests are not enough, what’s up with putting these extra exclamation marks?

Guys put their bare chests DP on dating apps in an attempt to get a girlfriend or impress girls. Some of them use the same stereotypical cheesy lines to win girls over. (Never works, guys!)