There cannot be two MRPs for the same packaged item within a state , Multiplex, airport shops must follow normal MRP

This means that not only bottled water but all packed items, including drinks, cannot be sold at two distinct MRPs in multiplexes stores or airports.

There cannot be two maximum retail prices (MRPs) for the same packaged item within a state, the consumer affairs department has said in its advisory to state governments. This means that not just bottled water, but all packaged items, including beverages, cannot be sold at two different MRPs in shops, multiplexes or airports.

"There is no double MRP provision in the packed commodity rules, and therefore state authorities must ensure that no one sells packaged things at different prices within a region. In the case of different MRPs, the lowest one will be treated as the specific cost," a senior department official said.

He said while there were orders from the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCD- RC) that no one could sell bottled water at different MRPs, including at malls, theatre halls and airports, it applied to all packaged items.

The department can also be writing to perform verification of internet content of bread at manufacturing units. Following the section received complaints of the way the real weight of bread was less in many instances against what the producers declared the step is being taken.

"As per our standards, the net weight difference can be 4.5 grammes. But there were criticisms that bread makers weren't complying with all the standards. Verify, the states are empowered to inspect and take action. We anticipate the producers to obey the given rules and ensure consumers get products of the proper weight that they are paying," the official said.