Six survivors in Brazilian football plane crash in Colombia

The airplane reported "electrical issues" before crashing
The first pictures of the plane crash appear to have emerged, with one of them showing the badge of the Chapecoense football team on board.

An aircraft with 81 people aboard, including a Brazilian football team, crashed in central Colombia, and rescuers are transferring survivors from the site, the civil aviation association in the country's said on its website on Tuesday.

The Chapecoense football team was among the 72 passengers and 9 crew on board the charter aircraft when it crashed around 10 p.m.

Poor weather conditions made the crash site accessible only by road, airport authorities at Medellin, where the plane was scheduled to land, said on social network Twitter.

It confirmed the plane was carrying the soccer team, who were due to play in a closing for the South American Cup in Medellin, 245 km (153 miles) from the capital, Bogota, on Wednesday.

The airplane reported "electrical issues" before crashing

The emergency operative committee COE and the  Jose Maria Cordova de Rionegro airport said in a press release that the plane declared an emergency at 10pm local time while in the municipality of Ceja and La Union.

According to the statement the airplane said that it was experiencing "electrical issues".