REVEALED: THIS is the MOST disappointing fact about the Great Wall of China

THE GREAT Wall of China is one of the most famous and best loved landmarks in the world – but this disappointing fact may bring fans down to earth.

The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, and so – but it doesn’t consistently meet the legend.

A post on picture-sharing site Imgur has revealed some the myths surrounding it that are, sadly, incorrect.

Moods are ’ed by entitled “Disappointing Facts about the Great Wall of China”, the post compiled realities which may dampen tourists.

The most disappointing fact of all was the revelation that the Great Wall of China isn’t truly one wall – it is composed of numerous walls constructed over a stretch of a thousand years.

The Great WALLS of China would be a more accurate description

Eventually, all the separate walls augmented to form the attraction that stands today and was joined.

In accordance with the post, “The Great WALLS of China could be a more precise description.”

Another falsehood that may surprise some is the proclamation that the Great Wall of China is so big it’s observable from space.

This can be a myth. It’s not visible to the naked eye from the International Space Station.

As no one had been at that point to the moon, the theory was tricky to disprove…

Another unsettling fact is that the wall is in bad shape in some areas because locals have stolen brick and the flagstone within the years for use in farms and their residences.

Seemingly, this practice was actively supported through the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966 to 1978) because the Great Wall was viewed as a symbol of despotism.

The image seems ordinary at first. It shows a guy dressed in a white t-shirt, a baseball cap and jeans, standing while nonchalantly leaning against a wall.

Nonetheless, it quickly becomes evident that the scene isn’t as clear-cut as it seems initially. You're able to see two people walking – when you look at the man but strolling at a 90-degree angle, and they appear to be defying the laws of physics.

The person who’s the wrong way round is the guy in the foreground.