Pritilata Waddedar Unheard Freedom Fighter Burns Down The European Club, which had a sign board that read "Dogs and Indians not allowed"

Pritilata Waddedar (5 May 1911 – 23 September 1932) was a Bengali revolutionary nationalist.

Early LIfe

Early LIfe wikipedia

 Pritilata Waddedar (5 May 1911 – 23 September 1932)was a Bengali revolutionary nationalist. After completing her education in Chittagong, she attended Bethune College in Kolkata. Pritilata graduated in Philosophy with distinction.

After a brief stint as a school teacher, Pritilata joined a revolutionary group headed by Surya Sen.

Pahartali European Club

Pahartali European Club attack (1932)

The Pahartali European Club (shown here in 2010) was torched by the group of revolutionaries

In 1932, Surya Sen planned to attack the Pahartali European Club which had a signboard that read "Dogs and Indians not allowed". Surya Sen decided to appoint a woman leader for this mission. Kalpana Datta was arrested seven days before the event. Because of this, Pritilata was assigned the leadership of the attack. Pritilata went to Kotowali Sea Side for arms training and made the plan of their attack there.

They decided to attack the club on 23 September 1932. The members of the group were given potassium cyanide and were told to swallow it if they were caught.

On the day of the attack, Pritilata dressed herself as a Punjabi male. Her associates Kalishankar Dey, Bireshwar Roy, Prafulla Das, Shanti Chakraborty wore dhoti and shirt. Mahendra Chowdhury, Sushil Dey and Panna Sen wore lungi and shirt.

They reached the club at around 10:45 PM and launched their attack. There were around 40 people inside the club then. The revolutionaries divided themselves into three separate groups for the attack. In the club, a few police officers who had revolvers started shooting. Pritilata incurred a single bullet wound. According to the police report, in this attack, one woman with a surname of Sullivan died and four men and seven women were injured.

Impact Of Revolution

Impact Of Revolution

Bangladeshi writer Selina Hossain calls Pritilata an ideal for every woman. A trust named Birkannya Pritilata Trust (Brave lady Pritilata Trust) has been founded in her memory. Pritilata's birthday is celebrated by the trust in different places of Bangladesh and India every year. The trust considers her to be "a beacon of light for women". The last end of Sahid Abdus Sabur Road to Mukunda Ram Hat of Boalkhali upazila in Chittagong has been named as Pritilata Waddedar Road. In 2012, a bronze sculpture of Pritilata Waddedar was erected in front of the Pahartali Railway School, adjacent to the historical European Club

Bollywood Movies Made On incident

Bollywood Movies Made On incident

2010 Bollywood movie Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey  was based on Chittagong Uprising where Vishaka Singh played the character of Pritilata.

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