Jwala Gutta slams Indian federation for lack of help to enhances doubles players

The ace shuttler claims that there is a huge difference in the way singles and doubles players are treated.

What’s the storyline? With her Delhi Acers side already out of the race for the semifinals, the was slammed by Jwala Gutta

Media and the national federation for not giving due importance and focusing

More on the singles players for example PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal. She called for consistency in

the treatment which is meted out to both sets of players and said that the only reason for Indian

Doubles players performing is that they do not receive sufficient support.

“We, doubles players have no support system at all – whether about sponsorships, nutrition

Or medical. We've n’t performed along with the singles players have, but you have to

analyse the problem objectively. Our singles players are doing well but they are supported


Singles players lose you guys write that he or she ‘fought difficult’ or ‘ gave a rough fight’, but when

we, doubles players lose, the headlines always use harsh words for example ‘got the better of’ or

‘ ’ that was ousted she said.

Gutta additionally fumed in the doubles department, as simply Ashwini in regards to the lack of bench strength

Herself and Ponappa have gone on to make a splash at the best degree.

“We do there aren't any junior players who are pushing for places didn't believe in a doubles culture

In the top of the rankings.

There was no one to take my position in Rio. She inquired.

“We (doubles players) are just recalled during team events. Otherwise no one cares what

When the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup come that we're revealed some, it's only

Admiration she said, promising that the authorities are extremely partial in their treatment of players.

Just in case you didn’t know...

Jwala Gutta is definitely in the thick of things when it comes to controversy. She stand off

with P Gopichand is well-known, and she's got never been shy about speaking her thoughts previously.

She is a four-time medalist at the Commonwealth Games, winning gold in 2010 in the women’s

doubles. She has helped India has broken, and win two bronze medals at the Uber Cup also

Into the top ten of the world rankings in both mixed and the women's doubles.

The heart of the matter Through the press conference, she again raised the matter of the federation not supplying a

Doubles coach in time.

Doubles players got a foreign trainer nine months before the contest. She stated that in

This kind of predicament, it is unjust to expect medals from your players.

Expressing his support was Acers teammate Jan O Jorgensen

Readily find support for themselves as they have compatriots who are close to them in the

Ranks, whereas the likes of Ponappa and Gutta have no Indians to contend with. He said that

Just nine months of prep is too little

already started preparing for Tokyo.

What next?

It remains to be seen whether the authorities will or whether any action will probably be taken against Gutta

act on the claims produced by her. The PBL will continue as well as the Acers will play with their final

League match before their home crowd on January 12.