John Cena is back on SmackDown, but to feud with who?

John Cena hasn’t been all that much since the brand split that made RAW and SmackDown into individual entities

John Cena hasn’t been all that much since the brand split that made RAW and SmackDown into individual entities. He faced AJ Styles at SummerSlam, lost, vanished until No Mercy, then lost (as did Dean Ambrose) to Styles in a triple threat WWE World Championship title match. He’ll be back on the blue brand as of Tuesday, December 27, a return that SmackDown is advertisements for several weeks, but it’s not clear just who it is that Big Match John will get his next huge match against.

Styles is an alternative, given he’s around calling himself the face that runs the area, running, along with the triple danger from October did n’t just settle the beef that Styles and Cena had in place. A set up to get a WWE World Championship match between the two at WrestleMania — which could very well function as the title run that ties Cena with Ric Flair’s record — would be fantastic. Nevertheless, it’s also not the sole choice: there have been numerous Cena and Undertaker gossips for WrestleMania 33, and there’s a rationale. Undertaker won’t wrestle eternally, Cena’s schedule is limited, but he’s at the summit of his wrestling powers, which will be a fantasy match up even without those specifics. Taker vs. Cena at Mania is one of those matches that should occur just so it never ends up being a missed opportunity.

There is no answer that is wrong, and that’s an area that is great to be in. Cena vs. Taker is a match with no obvious victor, and it’s uncommon we get that out of an Undertaker match at Mania. It’s additionally a historic meeting between two wrestlers who helped keep WWE going during transitional periods two megastars meeting in a way they never have before, in the company’s history. Styles vs. Cena is the preexisting feud and could very well have the WWE World Championship demanded, but Cena doesn’t necessarily need to win amount 16 right now in the manner he might need to face Taker before it’s too late. That last bit just might be what sets Taker and Cena on the highway to WrestleMania.

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