Is Bengaluru next Drug Capital Of India?

Bengaluru is off late becoming the drug centre of South India and also the issue is being extensively debated in various circles

Bengaluru is off late becoming the drug centre of South India and also the issue is being extensively debated in various circles. While several new drugs including chemical-based ones have found a market, the demand for conventional drugs is gaining momentum over the years. Giving insight to the recovery of drugs by detaining peddlers’, home minister G Parameshwara on Tuesday revealed amounts of various drugs that have been recovered by the state police.

Seeking the authorities' attention over growing drug-related offences, Basavakalyan MLA Mallikarjun Khooba sought details of cases registered across Karnataka and also the volume of substances that have been recovered. Replying with sophisticated details, Parameshwara disclosed that there'd been a steady rise of drug abuse cases as their numbers have shot up from 279 in 2014 to 498 in October 2016. Sources in the home section additionally revealed for them to source them, as it's increasingly become difficult that peddlers regularly come up with different drugs every year.

Making the cops worried, more and more instances of Ganja farming have already been reported over the state. These days even in open, unoccupied sites of Bengaluru, peddlers especially migrants from other states have taken to Ganja farming, “While it used to be common to see Ganja cultivation in distant places! We have already been taking measures to crack down on such tasks, and this is something serious,” described sources in the home department.

Similarly, use and the trade of charas/hashish has also been on a steady rise with policemen regaining compared to several grams in the previous years. Of most of the drugs that were traditional, application and the sale of Cocaine has shot up, and our recovery too has resulted in seizures that were high. From 1.34 kgs of Cocaine in 2014, it's gone up to 5.35 kg of Cocaine this year. Having a couple of months left for the completion of the entire year, the instances may increase considerably,” opined a senior cop attached to CCB.

Other drugs like opium, poppy and heroin, which were found in touches, have also found a potential market across Karnataka including Bengaluru. The poppy and opium that was previously regained in 800-900 gms are now seized in quantities of 500 kgs. This is shocking. The authorities should monitor the root of the peddlers,” disclosed an activist.