IITians Lack ‘ Social IQ' Claims Researcher-Turned- Bollywood- Film Bedabrata Pain

edabrata Pain, a NASA scientist-turned-Bollywood film director, said on Friday that IITians lacked what he called "social IQ" and do not have empathy

53-year old Pain was interacting with pupils at IIT-B in the three-day TechFest.

He told the audience: "Technology is terrific, but human relations are very important. We forget to think outside the box," he said.

Pain used to work at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in 1993 and was part of the team that invented active pixel sensor technology, which helped create the tiniest camera ever.

The technology has been inducted into the US Space Technology Hall of Fame. Pain quit NASA in December 2008. In 2012, he directed the critically -acclaimed film Chittagong, which won a National Film Award. Asked why he quit his space career and entered Bollywood, he told TOI: "I wanted a change also to take up new challenges," he said.

Pain informed the youths not to be a specialist as it's important to get knowledge about distinct areas. "I wonder how many engineers think about aesthetics?" he inquired. He suggested a session be committed to developments in the world. "The ivory tower culture will change," he said.