How Alia Bhatt endured while shooting gangrape picture in Udta Punjab

Alia Bhatt opened up about the experience of shooting the gang rape scene in Udta Punjab.

Alia Bhatt had impressed all with her performance in Udta Punjab. However, shooting for the gang rape scene in the film was very challenging for the celebrity.

May coldness but what keeps Alia Bhatt forward of her contemporaries?

Alia said that they had to fake on the sets to be great with the scene and opened up concerning the experience of shooting on the gang rape scene in Udta Punjab but she wasn't.

"But actually whats occurring inside is 'I want this scene to get over. I only want this whole thing.' There used to be a walk in the reception – walk to the elevator and back to my room during Udta Punjab – I used to dread that walk regularly when I would be getting from my room, and I used to love the walk regular when I 'd be coming back to my room. Although I love my work and my pictures, it was just weird to be in that scenario, but what was most bizarre was faking that I was cool on set," Miss quoted Alia as saying.

Udta Punjab is a film that highlighted the increasing popularity of drugs among the youth in the state of Punjab. Alia had played with the character of a village girl, who thought of making some quick money via a drug deal but gets herself trapped by some miscreants.