Donald Trump stories in explosive document were devised by 4 chan , Users assert

Users of both 4chan and Reddit forum r/The_Donald have suggested that they planted the document as a fake

The information within an explosive record that maintains Donald Trump was groomed by Russia was made up by an online forum; it's been promised.

The records allege alleged advice involving Mr Trump and hookers and Moscow for at least five years and secret contact between the Trump campaign. The claims were comprised in a series of memos - operative as opposition research on Mr Trump.

The possibly highly embarrassing and damaging claims have been made public just nine days before Mr Trump's inauguration.

They were made public hours after news reports that the USA website BuzzFeed, which published the file in full had briefed by intelligence officials regarding the presence of the dossier on him Trump. It printed despite its editor noting that there's reason to doubt the truth of those.

Somebody who's thought to be a former spy is said to have been prepared by political opponents of Mr Trump and assembled the document.

But two of the internet forums in supporting Donald Trump, most prominently involved claim they fabricated the reports seen in the document.

Users of both 4chan and Reddit forum r/The_Donald have suggested that they planted the file as a fake.

Users in particular point to some post seemingly proposing that it was now being published and that a 4chan user had passed on information that is false to journalist Rick Wilson.

They took what I told Rick Wilson and added it and a Russian spy perspective,” the 4chan user posted November, a week long and ahead of the election before the document was posted online.

“ They still believe it. Men, they are fucking desperate - there's no staying Trump scandal that's credible.”

But not one of the 4chan posts seem to reference the information of the faked document. Nor do they give any detail on the document itself, or the way the storyline might have made its way to intelligence agencies from a journalist.

Mr Wilson has dismissed the claims, writing that he neither got information from 4chan users nor was he the source of the document published by BuzzFeed.

“You ’re erroneous if you believe 1. What we'd came from [4chan forum] /pol 2. That I was Buzzfeed’s source he tweeted. “Try again, boys.”

He sent another tweet claiming the advice that was “ was out there looking before the 4chan posts”.

Since he mocked them describing them as “ childless, 4chan users have disliked Mr Wilson. Users of the website, allowing individuals to publish anonymously, have printed spurious claims about well-known folks before as a means of getting revenge.

Whether 4chan invented or not the reports, most of the claims in the file are demonstrably wrong, while preferring to print the file a point that BuzzFeed made. The report makes claims that are untrue about a certain area outside Moscow, and misspells the name of just one central company, for instance.