Bollywood stars offer their newborn son the contentious name of a brutal Mongol conqueror

“Taimur” is a name many Indians may recognize from their school history textbooks.

Many Indians on Tuesday weighed in when one of Bollywood’s most fashionable couples declared they had given birth to a brand new baby son.

The baby's name is Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. “Taimur” is a name many Indians may understand from their school history textbooks. Taimur the Lame, often known as Timur or Tamerlane, was a savage Mongol invader who conquered many parts of central Asia and Persia. He called himself the “Sword of Islam” and used spiritual symbols.

Taimur slaughtered thousands and thousands of Indians on his way to gain Delhi in the 14th century. In Indian history, his name is interchangeable with massacres.

So when Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan — who are fondly called “Saifeena” by the gushing Indian media, imitating the term “Brangelina” — announced their son's name, it opened a Pandora’s box. News outlets promptly started dishing out short history lessons concerning the medieval tyrant, and the pick was attacked by some on social media

Much like celebrity kids Blue Ivy, for example, Beyoncé's daughter, in the United States, Taimur is already a star on Twitter.

“While their devotees wait to get the first peek of the prince, one thing is clear — he's recently been placed in the spotlight, courtesy his exceptional name,” reported.