Big Boss 10: Swami Om chucked out from the home after yet another misbehaviour

After another controversial incident between the tainted Swami Om and Rohan Mehra, the former finally left the house

After yet another controversial episode involving Rohan Mehra and the tainted Swami Om, the former finally left the house. When Swami Om was attempting to upset his plans during the last leg of his captaincy job Rohan Mehra abruptly lost his temper and slapped him.

Swami had already been warned innumerable times by the home- mates and from the show host Salman Khan over his improper behavior which arrived during his stay in the Bigg Boss house to the forefront.

He tries to spoil the ultimate job between Rohan and Manveer after he neglected to take action.

Frustrated with Swami Om, Gaurav pulled him back and warned him to avoid the endeavor. Instead of listening to him, Swami even commented on Gaurav’s family and began calling Gaurav filthy names.