Big Boss 10 : 'Priyanka Jagga Muse ' A Woman With Questionable Character , Salman Khan Personally evicts Priyanka Jagga

‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ on Colours TV's Bigg Boss 10 starts with a visibly distressed host Salman Khan deciding to throw out a contestant in the Bigg Boss House with immediate effect, with a shocker.

‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ on Colours TV's Bigg Boss 10 starts with a visibly distressed host Salman Khan deciding to throw out a contestant in the Bigg Boss House with immediate effect, with a shocker. Public vote or no nominations was needed for this one. After what transpired last week in a task, the host appeared to take no mood to condone Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om ’s atrocious conduct. Without greeting the contestants, Salman requests Manveer to get a cloth from the store room and gag Om to stop another round of verbal diarrhea in the self-proclaimed godman.

Salman reprimands the contestants for turning your house into a war zone through the ‘BB Hostel task’ and expresses his displeasure. “I am shocked. I don’t understand just how to react. This type of frustration, aggression, this entertainment? I’m despising being the host of the show. That I don’t attribute the spectators who stopped watching the show or who changed stations, and it’s all because of some people who don't have any group,” said Salman.

Appreciating Manu’s attempts for keeping some peace and harmony in the house, Salman gives the name of ‘Man of the Week’ to him. He says that after having suffered an emotional turbulence following his mother’s passing, Manu managed every situation and held the house together. “Manu got a partner for the Hostel job who is not trustworthy but Manu carried on with all the task gracefully without losing his cool like Om,” Salman said. He spoke about his daddy’s visit to Manveer. “Yes, my dad became a star ” laughed Manveer. Bani answered that she had missed Gauahar, didn’t wish to leave her even for a second.

Talking about Om’s demeanor, when he insists that others were spared for his or her blunders and that he'd acted nicely this week, Salman reminds him about breaking the toilet door through the Hostel job and getting violent.

Moving on to the variety of the ‘Khalnayak’ for the week, Salman states that he has already pre-empted the reply but needs to hear it. One after the other, Priyanka’s name is taken by the housemates, and she is requested to sit down on the ‘Khanayak Kursi’. Without mincing words, Salman gives a scolding for her misconduct in the house to Priyanka and demands an explanation for this. But Priyanka retorts in an ill-tempered way, which prompts Salman to tell her to keep her temper in check.

Further, Priyanka rants about how the contestants ill-treated her when she was unwell and that’s what triggered her wrath. Salman answers by saying that what she did was totally unacceptable and by maligning folks’s character within the house, she's maligned the entire show. Just Priyanka starts wailing and loses her temper. She also says that she never desired to be part of the show but she was phoned again. I'd told them that I didn’t wish to continue, before visiting the secret room. But I have made a blunder, I’m trapped ” says Priyanka. Salman counters her question, that why did that she had an option of leaving the show, and she go after her second nomination to the secret room. Paying no heed to her play, Salman tells that he requests her to leave the Bigg Boss house with instant effect and loathes her activities but that he reveals specific clips where Priyanka is seen making insensitive and hurtful comments about Manu and his deceased mom. She's also heard abusing Lopa and Mona. Lopa breaks down again and Manu and Rohan console her.

The housemates are not able to hold their happiness with Salman’s decision plus they give him a standing ovation and commend his selection. Everybody is seen in a celebratory mood; they are seen embracing and rejoicing each other. Salman further declares, “ I'll never work with the channel again If Priyanka comes with this show or some other show on Colors.” With that, one of the very contentious contestants on Bigg Boss 10 was booted out.

Priyanka packs her bag when Om, who's seen taking her luggage out, tells her to apologise to Bigg Boss to leave but she refuses point blank. He didn’t want to be humiliated by getting gagged on the show, although later, Om tells Bigg Bossthat if they desire him to leave the house, he can do so.

After an intense couple of days, looks like the housemates will be treated to loads of entertainment on Sunday night with Sonakshi Sinha and anchorman-host-actor Manish Paul, who will enter the home to celebrate Christmas. And we will also find out whether any names will be announced by Salman for eviction out of Gaurav the nominated contestants – Bani and Mona. Likely not.