A Dark Net Child Pornography Site Is Forcing Its Visitors to Learn Safety Tips

Law enforcement is always hunting dark web child pornographers.

Law enforcement is always hunting dark web child pornographers.

Apparently in response one dark web child pornography site recently began redirecting visitors to your page with additional security advice if their browser runs JavaScript.

At [ child pornography website ] we have consistently had a huge JavaScript for those who have it enabled, warning,” one user on a dark web child abuse website wrote in December of this past year. The motherboard has decided to not name the website.

JavaScript may also be used as a delivery mechanism for a browser exploit; meaning that when users turn it on, they may make themselves vulnerable to attack, which could finally disclose their identity.

But this site does not just warn people about the dangers of JavaScript. It goes a step farther, and it redirects them to this page on the Tails site which gives extra information about utilizing the Tor Browser securely if visitors have Javascript enabled. Tails is an operating system that routes all of a user's traffic and is designed to not leave any forensic traces on the host machine.

Connections are also blocked by the web child pornography website that is dark from Tor2Web gateways, which are proxies that folks may utilise to get web sites that are shadowy without the protection of the Tor network. The website also supposedly stops individuals accessing it via cell phone browsers.

“If [ child pornography website that is ] ever ceases redirecting, warning about JavaScript or blocking non- browsers that are old & official, then you'll learn something isn't right, the post that is ” continues. (Motherboard failed to get the child pornography website).

In November, Giftbox Exchange was called by an unidentified party used JavaScript to install a Tor Browser manipulate against visitors of a web child pornography website that was dark.