18 unbelievable microscopic images of Human body

If you're curious about what some of the body's structures look like up close, you're not alone. We have a host of fascinating images .You might need a strong stomach for some of these!

1. Fingernail

Fingernail diply.com

It doesn't look as neat and smooth as it appears normally

2. Adrenaline crystals

Adrenaline crystals buzzfeed.com

Adrenaline are controlled by the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for instinct and emotion.

3. Air sac in the lungs

Air sac in the lungs diply.com

It looks as if it has surprising depths.

4. Bone tissue

Bone tissue alamy

No one would expected bone tissue to be full of holes like this. Would you?

5. Red Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells bajiroo.com

They don't go anywhere alone.

6. Blood Platelets

Blood Platelets bajiroo.com

It looks like any species of insect. Isn't it?

7. Red Blood Cells forming a Clot

Red Blood Cells forming a Clot diply.com

 Red blood cells look like they've been rolling around in cobwebs when they're forming a clot.

8. Tooth

Tooth diply.com

It appears bizzare as compared to tooth we see normally.

9. Tongue

Tongue diply.com

The surface of the tongue looks like an alien landscape.

10. Split end Hair

Split end Hair tumblr

The split end of a hair looks like a splintered log.

11. Eyebrow hairs

Eyebrow hairs the telegraph/science photo library

 It is growing out of the skin like fence posts.

12. Fat cells that have been emptied

Fat cells that have been emptied buzzfeed.com

Fat cells are some of the largest cells in the human body. The thick layer of fat under our skin cushions us and stores energy. In this picture, the fat deposits of the cells have been removed.

13. Insulin crystals

Insulin crystals buzzfeed.com

It appears as Raining Diamonds. Isn't it?

14. Balancing stone from our inner ear

 Balancing stone from our inner ear buzzfeed.com

There’s a tiny stone in each of our ears that’s responsible for our sense of balance. The stones are attached to sensory hairs that are sensitive to gravity and acceleration. When we tilt our head the hairs send nerve impulses to our brain so that we can stay balanced.

15. Cancer Cell

Cancer Cell bajiroo.com

Cencer cell is like flower with thorns.

16. Tooth Plaque

Tooth Plaque bajiroo.com

Tooth plaque is like earthworms roaming on grass.

17. Iris of the eye

Iris of the eye diply.com

The iris of the eye looks absolutely radiant.

18. Ending of Nerve cell

Ending of Nerve cell diply.com

A nerve ending shows off its complexity.